Our Team

Meet our team

At Afri-Can Alliance, diversity isn't just a checkbox—it's our cornerstone. Our leadership composition proudly stands at 100% Black-led, reflecting our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and representation.

What sets our team apart is not just their impressive resumes but their hands-on approach. They actively engage with project teams, serving as catalysts for innovation and driving productivity to new heights. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every initiative we undertake is met with precision, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of impactful outcomes.

Our Team
Bola Badmus MSc, PMP, CBAP
Program Director / Founder
Lekan Oganla MBA
Communications Director
Yetunde Ajao CPA, CGA, FCCA
Finance Director / Secretary
Management and Officers
Anu Akindele
Lead Psychologist and Mental Health Coordinator
Abdul Oganla
Youth and Sports Coordinator
Lynsee Leahy
Marketing Automation Specialist
Our Board
Bola Badmus
Ayo Akinpelu
Lawrence Adelakun
Lekan Oganla