System Integration Launchpad for Organisations

The SILO project is an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) software that is developed to automate the workflow and internal functions of our organisation and help black businesses and professionals strengthen their digital capacity.

To adapt in a post-pandemic context, our SILO system trains the team on adopting the Agile methodology work process to manage projects with a smart communication and task management plan that integrates workflow through a planning, execution, and evaluation process.

The SILO project will largely empower our mandate in providing innovative training and support services to Black-Canadian communities through the following ways:

  • SILO will enable our pre-employment and skills-development training model to integrate technology, sales, and high-performance workplace skills to prepare Black communities for future-oriented careers across Alberta. SILO will promote remote work and virtual programming.
  • SILO will help standardise our management functions, business processes, work procedures and keep up with community demands while scaling our operations. It would also speed up teams’ responses, eliminate repetitive tasks, consolidate data, and improve team dynamics.
  • SILO will prepare black entrepreneurs and professionals for an evolving economy and encouraging the application of contemporary skills to solve the complexity of social, political, technological, and economic issues of our time, especially in the post-pandemic context.
  • Finally, as we are known for being unique and progressive, we would leverage on SILO and partners to up-skill the Black-Canadian communities with digital literacy while implementing an improved communication plan as well as contact system to reach our target audience more effectively since the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • SILO will improve communication and community relations; it will manage our entire client’s life cycle swiftly and access data all in one interface.

The SILO project is on the horizon, poised to revolutionize our approach to empowering Black-Canadian communities. Through innovative training and support services, SILO will equip individuals with the skills needed for future-oriented careers, leveraging technology, sales, and high-performance workplace skills. It will standardize our management functions, streamline processes, and enhance team dynamics, ensuring swift responses to community demands. Moreover, SILO will prepare entrepreneurs and professionals for the evolving economy, tackling complex issues in the post-pandemic context.

As pioneers of progress, we’re committed to leveraging SILO to uplift communities through digital literacy and improved communication strategies. Join our waitlist today to stay updated on this transformative initiative.

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