• Building New Paradigms for Economic Growth and Well being
    Committed to inspire, connect, and strengthen the capacity of Black-Canadian communities.
  • Virtual Elders Connect EConnect
    Our E-Connect has successfully connected over 350+ seniors in just two years, addressing ageism and social isolation through dedicated digital literacy programs.
  • SCALE-UP Investment Readiness and Capacity Development Program
    Getting you in the right room
    We make valuable introductions and prepare our clients for the right opportunity
  • System Integration Launchpad for Organisations
    SILO (Upcoming)
    Our SILO ERP system will help business and project teams automate their workflow with streamlined communication using the Agile Methodology
  • HER-conomy Initiative Program HIP
    Amplifying Feminist Sustainable Vision
    Empowering over 650+ women, we strive for an inclusive ecosystem fostering fair economic advantages in collaboration with our partners, Canadian Imperial Advantage.
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    Strengthening the Canadian workforce and empowering youth initiatives; we know our youths are the leaders of tomorrow.
About us

Afri-Can Alliance International is a resource-based non-profit organization in Edmonton that has helped the Black-Canadian communities including seniors and newcomers integrate by creating opportunities in employment, business, health education and socio-economic development through capacity building programs that promotes equity, economic independence and cross-cultural understanding.

Quantifying Our Achievements

Afri-Can Alliance transcends the ordinary; it is an opportunity to contribute actively to the empowerment, unity, and enrichment of Black-Canadian communities in Alberta. Open to all individuals and registered organizations.

Projects Completed
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Nurturing Innovation in Black Women's Empowerment

Afri-Can has harnessed its extensive network, forging strategic partnerships in both private and public sectors. This concerted effort has been dedicated to empowering Black women, including those with disabilities, unveiling their remarkable resilience, ingenuity, and capacity to innovate amidst uncertainty. Through targeted social empowerment programs and comprehensive capacity development training, Afri-Can continues to be a beacon of positive transformation in the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

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Funding Partners
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Becoming a member of Afri-Can Alliance is not just a transaction; it's an investment in a community driven by empowerment, unity, and positive change. Our membership is open to anyone who resonates with our mandate, irrespective of background, ethnicity, or affiliation. Together, we build a stronger, more inclusive future, it's an opportunity to make a tangible difference.

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