Seniors Empowerment

E-Connect – Virtual Elders’ Connect

Our ongoing E-Connect initiative has connected 100+ seniors in two years; committed to tackling ageism and social isolation through financial and digital literacy seminars for seniors to bridge the reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure. We offer virtual, social and educational sessions in order to support the social participation and inclusion of seniors.

Demographic of target groups:

• Seniors (including women)
• Newcomers
• Low Income

Through our 12-month E-Connect project (from March 2023), Afri-Can Alliance would continue to create a world with fair socio-economic advantages for seniors to specifically:

  • Connect our Elders (virtually due to covid-19)
  • Celebrate diversity and promote social inclusion
  • Provide capacity building initiatives for seniors including financial literacy skills.
  • Combat ageism and social isolation via digital literacy
  • Support seniors’ access to government services and benefits