Launchpad is a free virtual skill development platform and ongoing program geared at building the next generation of successful Black entrepreneurs.Open to learners of all ages across Canada, Launchpad aims to help aspiring Black founders develop the personal and professional skills needed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re looking to start your own company, brush up on your entrepreneurship knowledge or simply enhance your resume with a new certification, Launchpad is a great place to start.

Program details

Launchpad is a completely virtual program that can be completed at your own pace. Program participants will receive free access to the Launchpad platform where they will have access to three courses. Course content is organized into individual chapters with learning resources and video workshops. As learners move through a course, they are prompted to take short quizzes and surveys along the way to ensure they understand key takeaways from each lesson. To successfully complete the program and receive a Launchpad certificate, participants must obtain at least 80% on a final assessment.

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