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Press Release

Construction Safety Employment Training (COSET)

The Construction Safety Employment Training (COSET) Program is designed for foreign-trained engineers and construction workers, to train and understand the construction safety guidelines in Alberta. We will assist successful applicants enter the field of construction, with basic knowledge in focal and fully-equipped construction fields.

The 24-week program would be delivered with our partner, Multiflex Safety Solutions and it encompasses essential safety skills, academics and applied skills development which will allow Albertans to build safety foundational competencies, while preparing for further construction projects or employment. This training will cover:

– Academic Upgrading which includes English and Communication Skills
– Math and Science Fundamentals, Applied Skills Development and Hands-on Training
– Confine Space monitoring, Gas & Atmospheric testing
– Workplace Occupational hazards, First Aid, AED & CPR training
– Teq Shield trackers, Breathing Air Systems
– Project management, Basic Computer Skills
– General Safety Training and use of Personal Protective Equipment
– On-site Job Experience within the Industry

Healthcare Enhanced Employment Training (HEET)

Our Healthcare Enhanced Employment Training program (HEET) is a bridging program and On-Job Training that would focus on helping foreign-trained health care professionals, who are Newcomers particularly in the Mental health field facing difficulties to work in Canada, gain paid-employment. Through our partners, Crystal Care Group (CCG), we would deliver our HEET program to help Newcomers seeking to foster a career in mental health, nursing, social and other specialized services, enhance their job-seeking skills through our bridging program and full-time workplace training. Our team would also build on candidates’ backgrounds and recommend alternate career paths where necessary.
CCG is a key partner on our HEET program due to their vast experience in mental and public health management, they will administer training support to potential health care workers and leverage on our collaboration to deploy New immigrant healthcare workers to CCG’s Group homes and Assisted living centers for the required On-Job training and professional development needed for workers’ transitioning. We are currently in partnership with CCG for some of our current socio-health programs, offering assisted living services, which includes a range of residential, supportive, consultation and care services for members requiring all levels of extensive support/care. This program offers:

– an assessment of education and skills;
– clinical or job placements to help get Canadian workplace experience;
– skills or academic training;
– license or certification exam preparation;
– language training related to the profession or trade; and
– learning plans to see if more training is needed.

Finance & Accounting Professional Employment Training (FAPET)

The Accounting/Finance program is specifically designed for new Canadian Permanent Residents who have education and work experience in Accounting and Finance from their home countries and want to become familiar with the Canadian Accounting and Financial systems, in order to find employment in their field. This program will help the participants to enhance their language, interpersonal and technical skills. It also makes them familiar with the most up-to-date accounting and financial software as well as Canadian workplace environment and culture.

Participants will be able to gain Canadian work experience and paid employment in their field. This program has 20 weeks of training and 4 weeks paid placement, for a total of 24 weeks.

– Legally entitled to work in Canada
– Have Canadian Language Benchmark Level 6+
– Be familiar with keyboards/computers
– Have knowledge and experience in the accounting or finance field
– This program is open to all suitable candidates on social assistance including Employment Insurance (EI)

24 weeks – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (3pm – 5pm one-on-one counseling, as needed)
* Includes 4 weeks paid job placement (post training); 6 months post-program support

Training Includes:
– Review of Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles and System
– Financial Reporting/ Modeling
– MS Word/Google Docs/Cloud computing
– E-Communication
– MS Excel, Access, Power Point
– Business Administration Procedures
– Financial Planning
– SAGE 300 ERP 2012 (ACCPAC)
– SAGE 50 2013 (Simply Accounting)
– QuickBooks

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