Afri-Can Alliance thrives on protocols set out of partners, whose missions and mandates are determined by consensus in the community and adopted by the entire forum which by the way, are non-political and fully voluntary-based to Black communities. We cite accurate and credible sources in our programs and services i.e. grant applications, work strategies, and community portraits. Also, we use this information to increase the quality of engagement with the community and to inform our advocacy which includes raising awareness of issues facing the community while building solidarity and strengthening the vitality of our community. The findings from our research also supports the Private, Educational, and Public Sector partners with information regarding the English-speaking Black population here in Alberta.


ACAI’s Center of Excellence Program acknowledges that there is a wide gap in social equity and employment experience for the minorities living in Canada particularly, the new Black immigrants between the ages of 18 and 49 years old. For instance, it is generally tougher for new immigrants from Africa seeking employment to secure paid jobs because they do not have ‘the Canadian experience’ and most employers do not appraise their foreign work experience or professional backgrounds commensurably. We understand that it is difficult to get that Canadian work experience without being hired so we take strategic steps in assisting Africans and the Black community through an employment program that does not only compensates them for their labor but essentially, educates and help transition them to Canada’s workforce smoothly.



Our Arise n Shine Program focuses on developing a mentorship and networking platform to help Black immigrant women experiencing poverty and/or on social aid across Canada build essential workplace skills to realize their full potential. We aim to continue supporting women and families by investing in impactful social and in-class programs through our partners while we prepare them for employment in customer care, financial, retail or hospitality roles. In partnership with business leaders and the broader community, we will seek to foster an environment where vulnerable women are inspired and empowered to build and nurture professional networks to pursue key opportunities and grow their leadership capabilities. Young women will be mentored by key decision makers; gain diverse skills and training to engage and participate in a broader community. Mentees will be matched with their mentors throughout every January.



As Black Communities continue to face greater challenges in 2020, we hope young adults and children of today will be the ones left to solve them. ACAI’s Know-Your-Peak (KYP) Program educates and seeks to provide the necessary training for Black youths to know their human rights and limits as citizens, prepare them for an evolving job market and encourage the application of contemporary skills to solve the complex social, political, technological, and environmental issues of our time. KYP is an online and in-class financial literacy/personal development program integrated into our Arise Africa initiative, a national campaign for Black Youth (aged 14-49) that promotes Black pride and positive cultural identity through history, technology, entrepreneurship, social innovation, fashion, culinary, visual, literary and performing arts. The KYP curriculum subscribes to our mission of raising the bar of Black excellence and fostering great leadership delivered by intersecting the themes of capacity development and financial literacy.

Some of our KYP Objectives are:

  • To provide resources for Black youth to be self-sufficient socio-economically (the application of social skills and integration of financial literacy)
  • To ensure Black-Canadians communities have a better sense of how to sustain a regiment that stimulates wealth creation while also maintaining a healthy trajectory of personal development.
  • Character development and leadership skills in all aspects of learning, personal and professional development
  • Engaging participants in interactive learning and capacity building through appealing content nestled in the appeal of Pop Culture
  • Leaving participants with practical transferable life and professional skill sets that will render them competitive on the open marketplace and in any number of industries and interests.
  • Completing a project with tangible results i.e. personal portfolios that will continue to inspire further achievement.

Our goal is to foster communication and solidarity amongst Black-Canadian families while creating positive impacts on the lives of every Black in our community as well as encouraging our youths to realize their full potentials.



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